92% of our placements happen in 3 or fewer interviews.
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The Marketing Communications department at Fidelis Partners focuses on how technology can be used to leverage your recruitment needs and best yield positive business results. To our clients’ benefit, we have identified, implemented, and supported technology solutions which not only satisfy real recruitment needs, but also provide substantial value.

Your candidate will receive a link to a Practice and Community Evaluation Report (PACER) customized for your opportunity and community, complete with videos, links, practice details and statistical information.

We track when the candidate views the presentation and collect actionable feedback on their next decision making steps. This unique candidate insight enables us to understand candidates’ motivations on a deeper, analytical level.

Properly vetted candidates will lower your interview costs. Interviewing candidates who don’t understand your job, or don’t know enough about the community wastes TIME and MONEY. We take the time to fully understand our candidates’ personal and professional motivations for seeking a change and address the concerns early on in the process. Our PACERs are a vital tool used to help save client’s time and money.

PACERs are a vital candidate experience tool used to save your time and money by lowering interview costs and gaining candidate insight:

  • 360° view of your practice and community
  • Mobile and tablet friendly
  • Education, real estate, and lifestyle integrations with top websites like Zillow, Yelp, YouTube, and GreatSchools.net
  • Captures actionable feedback from candidates

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