Schedule Onsite Practice / Community Evaluation Client / Fidelis Partners Review the practice opportunity, including compensation/benefits and ideal candidate constraints; the search process, including sourcing methods, interview/site visit process; local real estate and community tour with designated representative.
Develop Practice and Community Evaluation Report (PACER) Fidelis Partners Report to be prepared by your consultant and then provided to client for final approval before sourcing begins
Finalize Sourcing Campaign Fidelis Partners Based on practice evaluation, outline the recommended sourcing campaign for client approval
Execute Sourcing Campaign Fidelis Partners Post the job opportunity on niche and major healthcare job boards, aggregator sites and social media; begin mail and email campaign
Sourcing Fidelis Partners Dependent upon client approval and budget, campaign can include direct mail, journal advertising, Internet advertising, etc.
Candidate Pre-Screening Fidelis Partners In-depth screening to ensure each candidate meets the client’s designated parameters, is a qualified candidate and would make a good match to the practice and its staff
Candidate Presentation(s) Fidelis Partners Present the qualified candidate’s CV to client with screening summary; client to confirm interest within 72 hours
Schedule Interview(s) Fidelis Partners Upon client approval, coordinate visit for candidate
Interview Preparation Client / Fidelis Partners Conduct pre-interview with candidate and provide client with meeting summary when requested. Coordinate travel and site visit itinerary logistics (ie. airfare, rental car, hotel, interviews, community tours, etc.)
Interview Fidelis Partners When requested, consultant will attend interview with candidate
Post-Interview Discussions Client / Fidelis Partners Client to provide Fidelis Partners will appropriate feedback and next steps
Candidate Follow-Up Fidelis Partners Discuss the interview, practice opportunity and continued interest with candidate
Make an Offer Client or Fidelis Partners Within a reasonable amount of time as determined during the practice evaluation
Negotiations Client / Fidelis Partners Mediation between client and candidate
Finalize Search Process Client / Fidelis Partners Either close the search with a successful placement or continue sourcing