When you SHOULD use a Physician Recruiter

Today we came across a post on one of our favorite blogs, kevinmd.com, titled “When not to use a physician recruiter.” The article outlines what physicians should do when they have specific location preferences. The author uses an example of a Dermatologist who insists on practicing in Austin, so he advises the physician to call practices in the area directly rather than work with a recruiter. In many cases, this advice is true. A physician recruiter might not have a job in the city where you are looking and the best way will be to take control of your own job search. However, there are many benefits to using a physician recruiter over “going it alone” that we would like to highlight. So… here’s our response so to speak:

When you SHOULD use a Physician Recruiter

  • Market Knowledge: An experienced physician recruiter will work with well over 50 health care organizations in their career in multiple cities and multiple practice setups. If you are a new physician or have been out of the job marketplace for a while, the best way to learn about the hiring trends for your specialty is to work with a physician recruiter. Most qualified and knowledgeable recruitment firms will provide this information to you free of charge – including compensation surveys, sample employment agreements, and general consultation. Do you know what the typical signing bonus is for a physician 2 years out of residency? We do! Let us share our knowledge with you.
  • The Secret Vault of Jobs: We know what you’re thinking… are there secret jobs out there that I don’t know about? Absolutely yes. The first line of attack for most hospitals and groups to recruit physicians is networking. Many times there are jobs out there that are just being shared by word of mouth, and until the recruitment firm gets involved, they are not being advertised. By using a recruitment firm, health care organizations expand their networking reach to a wider pool of physicians.
  • Time to bring in the Negotiator: A recruiter worth his or her weight will know that making the physician happy is the key to making a client happy. The better firms will not charge their client to refill a search if a physician leaves the practice — therefore, there is no incentive to quickly fill a position. Our goal is to correctly fill a position. That means making sure the physician is truly satisfied with the offer he or she receives. Recruiters will serve as negotiators for physicians to get the offer they deserve. We can even recommend lawyers and legal advisers to review contracts with our candidates.

These are just some of the benefits of working with recruiters, but these may vary based on the firm you work with. A good recruiter should serve as a consultant, and a helpful resource; use their knowledge to find the position that suits your professional and personal interests.

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