3 Reasons Why You Should Embrace Video Interviewing

Video interviewing can be a viable option for streamlining the talent screening process. When you have several candidates to consider during your recruitment process but are short on time, you might want to rethink traditional interviewing methods, such as phone interviews. Discover three reasons for adopting video interviewing for your hiring process.

Saving Time

The closer the position you are advertising is to an entry-level or mid-level career, the more likely you will receive a deluge of applicants. You may even face this problem when hiring at an executive level. If you’re conducting phone interviews, a large pool of candidates can quickly eat up your time. Additionally, an in-person interview can mean time and cost constraints, such as travel expenses and hard-to-schedule physicians.

Opting for a video interview with candidates can eliminate travel time. Furthermore, hiring managers or recruiters can conduct live interviews from almost anywhere thanks to the advances in mobile and cloud technologies.

Moreover, interviewing with video access can save you time when you use pre-recorded videos and have a multitude of candidates to screen. The pre-recorded option also saves time on coordinating schedules so that both parties can be more efficient.

Gaining More Control

When you’re conducting a phone interview, sometimes connections can be weak if you are using a cellular phone. Video interviewing offers a great way for you to gain control over the hiring process since you can test video and sound quality and make sure you have a strong internet connection.

Interviewing via virtual conferences also gives you the chance to demonstrate company culture and view the candidates body language during a live interview. This process trumps phone screening because you’re able to get a true picture of who the candidate is and show him what it’s like to work in the office. If you’re using pre-recorded video interviewing, you’re also able to gain control by limiting questions and answers. Perhaps most attractively, you have the power to fast forward or skip candidates who don’t fit the position.

Increasing Efficiency

Sometimes, interruptions or delays happen during a real-time interview that cannot be avoided. However, video interviewing can help reduce these gaps when you opt for a pre-recorded option. You can also screen multiple candidates at once to save time. When you’re able to save time, you can be more productive. That’s why video interviewing can be a valuable tool for increasing efficiency during the interview process.

Embrace technology and consider video interviewing if you are interested in saving time, gaining control over your recruitment process and staying efficient while searching for talent.


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