6 Benefits of Relocating for a Medical Job

6 Benefits of Relocating for a Medical job

Life is all about experiences shared with loved ones, and the many relationships created along the journey. Many of us become complacent and neglect to explore career opportunities across the nation. Relocating to a new city can be a daunting venture for physicians. But before you cross that decision completely out, consider this, many of life’s best experiences are found outside of our comfort zones. The USA has some of the best locations for you to thrive in your specialty. Enjoyments of relocating for a job could mean higher income, practice partnership opportunities and providing quality care to a community in need of a physician. Discover the vast amenities a community can offer from fine dining, festivals, sports, and numerous outdoor activities to so much more. Below are 6 benefits of relocating for a medical job.

1. A fresh start. Working with a new diverse group of people is one of the perks of being a physician. So many different backgrounds of people all working together for a common goal: which is providing the best healthcare to patients and saving lives.

2. Exploring the community. Having a great work/life balance is of utmost importance for physicians. Venturing out into a new city brings up new excitement and possibilities. Here at Fidelis Partners we continue to place physicians to areas of their liking, be it from big cities like Los Angeles, CA to a beautiful scenic small community like Blue Earth, MN and vice versa.

3. Substantially higher wage. Relocation can be very financially friendly. It can open up opportunities to build retirement funds and save for children’s college tuition. The MGMA reports that 75th %tile of Family Practice physicians relocating to southern states earn an average of $314,978 annually compared to other regions in the US such as the western area where the 75th %tile of Family Practice physicians earn an average of $284,297 a year.

4. Affordable Real Estate. Real estate is of significant importance if you’re moving a family. Physicians are heavily taxed so affordable housing is alluring. Moving from a state, such as California, where income taxes are implemented to a state with no income tax, like Texas, can save you thousands of dollars annually.

5. Influential. Have you always believed in using your expertise to improve the world? Even if it’s just one person remember that everything has a domino effect, one life can easily turn into one hundred. Fidelis Partners offers jobs with educational opportunities to top tier medical schools for physicians with a passion for teaching.

6. Cultural Activities. Every city has its own traditional festivals or activities for families and friends to enjoy. From wine to dance festivals, you can have your picking.

If you are on the job search Fidelis Partners can help you. Fidelis Partners is a full service healthcare recruitment and consulting firm specializing in permanent placement services. For more information visit www.fidelismp.com or www.twitter.com/FidelisMP.

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