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Fidelis Partners is an expert media resource for all matters pertaining to healthcare recruitment.

Should your editorial need (print or broadcast) require expert commentary on issues related to current industry trends; compensation by specialty, region or group size; candidate supply and demand; or practice management – Fidelis Partners can help you! 

Our expert consultants maintain exceptional relationships with an array of candidates in many specialties. We are a reliable resource when writers and editors need to be put in direct contact with healthcare organization administrators, who can often provide first-person interpretations of the ebb and flow of the healthcare industry – in real time.

It is our business to know the most recent survey data on healthcare provider compensation, and as such, may also be able to provide media with up-to-date figures that can help substantiate a related story.

If your publication or broadcast media outlet is interested in speaking with one of our executives, please contact us today!


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