Advice for Physician Assistants Seeking a New Job

Whether you are a new graduate or someone more seasoned in your career, finding advice for physician assistants seeking a new job online can be difficult. How do you know if you are getting a good offer? What states offer more autonomy?

One great tool we have found are the forums. is the world’s largest job site, with over 180 visitors monthly. The job forums are a great place to ask questions about all types of job search topics: what to wear on an interview, how to answer tough questions, and salary comparison with your peers. Here are some of the highlights we found from recent posts on the job forum for Physician Assistants.

  • Advantages of Being a PA v. a Physician – just beginning your medical career? This has great advice from real Physician Assistants and why they chose this career path.
  • Re-Entry into Clinical Practice – There are a multitude of reasons for why someone would be returning to the workforce after a hiatus. When it comes to re-entering a clinical practice, a lot of questions come to mind. Find some answers here.

Another hugely popular site is Reddit is a social media, social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website. Areas of interest are organized into “subreddits” – and there are subreddits for Physician Assistants and for Pre-Physician Assistants, for those still in school or contemplating a PA career. Here are some recent discussion threads related to seeking a new job:

  • Feeling Incompetent in First Job – this was posted to get advice for how to deal with a situation where your book knowledge is not translating to real clinical experience.
  • Need Help Being a Better PA to my Staff – teamwork in healthcare is imperative. This PA shares her struggles with working with her staff and asks for advice for better cohesion.
  • Job Interview Tips – good info here on questions to be prepared for. Brief but to the point.

As a healthcare recruiting firm, we can rely on our vast experience placing Physician Assistants nationwide to help our candidates navigate the marketplace. However, there are lots of resources online for Physician Assistants to connect with peers and discuss their job search experience. We’ve listed some here, but comment below if you or your colleagues have other tools you rely on for connecting with Physician Assistants and getting career advice.


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