Best Practices for Recruiting During COVID-19

Most of the country has taken to working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. Even so, recruiting and placing healthcare providers is more important now than ever. Client visits, interviews, and in-office meetings with fellow recruiters aren’t feasible during this time. However, we’ve constructed a list of workarounds to your normal routine so that you’re still able to give 100% to your recruiting efforts – all from your home office.

Utilize Video Interviewing

Any candidates who have scheduled interviews can be transferred to video interviewing as a workaround during travel restrictions. By using Skype, Webex, Zoom, etc. you can provide a virtual conversation tool allowing you to see and speak with potential candidates. At Fidelis Partners, we are equipped with our own secure Webex video conference technology and are available to coordinate interviewing for you.

Provide a Virtual Tour

Some candidates will be unable to travel to tour worksites due to travel restrictions. In this case, providing them with a virtual tour of your facility and community is another great option. This alternative allows candidates to envision what it would be like on a real on-site visit.  Whether you already have virtual tour features on your website, schedule a FaceTime and walk candidates through a tour, or utilize our PACER technology, there are multiple ways to accomplish virtual tours. Our PACER tool, available to clients, provides candidates with a website virtual tour of the facility, the city it’s in, surrounding areas, nearby schools, and so much more. The PACER allows providers to get a full picture of the opportunity without having to travel to the area.

Keep a Regular Schedule – Even at Home!

Practice daily time management in order to stay on top of your work if you’re at home. Get out of bed early, get dressed and ready as you normally would, and structure your day to promote productivity. Follow up with candidates who are in your interview pipeline. Interviewing for a job can be stressful at any stage in your career, but the current times add to the stress of our current candidates. As a recruiter, it’s a good idea to check-in. Especially for candidates waiting for an offer or feedback, if you are unable to provide updates at this time, still check-in to let them know you remain interested. 

Mix Up Your Methods of Contact

Use various channels for recruiting messages – not just email. Try switching it up by using phone calls, text messaging, social media, FaceTime, etc. so that people feel connected, even with social distancing. One unique way of contact is a free Google Chrome extension called Vidyard. With Vidyard, you can send video recordings of your screen and your webcam, just your screen, or just your webcam to candidates. Sending out a Vidyard to pending candidates or clients lets them know that you are still committed to working with them, even during these times of uncertainty.

It is vital that we push ourselves to raise the bar of what we are capable of during this time. Recruiting qualified candidates is critical in aiding the COVID-19 crisis. While the short-term may seem uncertain, it’s important to not lose sight of the long term. Utilize these workarounds in order to put your best foot forward while navigating this new normal.


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