Best Practices for Speeding up the Verification Process

The verification process can be time-consuming for both providers and for facilities.

In many circumstances, facilities are limited on time and need to find solid candidates to fill their vacancies.

It’s important to us that every candidate we put forth is both high-quality and exceptionally qualified At Fidelis Partners, we provide facilities with a candidate verification.

This includes licensure, board certification, disciplinary actions or malpractice cases, legal issues that appear in the candidate’s history, and much more.

If you’re a candidate wanting to find permanent placement in your ideal position, then you will likely go through the verification process with one of our talented recruiters.

As you move towards this stage in your interview process, here are 4 ways to prepare.

Equip your CV with all state licenses and license numbers

Your recruiter will ask you the states in which you’re licensed. Please include all states you’re currently licensed in, and those where you have lapsed/expired/surrendered licenses. This information is key to ensuring a comprehensive, accurate verification.

Stay on top of expiration dates

Make sure you’re checking the expiration dates of all your licenses and certifications to ensure that they don’t lapse. The position to which you’re applying might not be in the state where you’re practicing currently, and the other state’s license might be expired. Keep an eye on those dates and update your CV as often as needed.

Have open lines of communication

If our team is having trouble locating one of your documents in our background check, your recruiter might reach out to you to gather more information to locate your credentials. Responding quickly to recruiters’ calls and emails is key to making the verification process run quickly and smoothly.

Be honest with your recruiter about any past issues that might come up

If you have disciplinary actions, malpractice, arrest records, or something adverse that might appear when our team runs a background check, it’s always best to be honest with your recruiter ahead of time. This ensures that the client has a full picture of you as a candidate, and there won’t be any surprises.

If you can remember these steps, it will make the hiring process quick and stress-free. If you’re a hospital or clinic looking to find permanent providers for your facility, please give us a call. Our recruiters work tirelessly to find strong candidates who would fit perfectly with your team.


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