Win the Physician Talent War

Competitive intelligence is key to winning in sport or battle.  For the foreseeable future, many hospitals, medical staffs and communities are clearly on a field of battle. In sport, the difference between winning and losing often boils down to the” little things.”  Despite a solid game plan, poor execution, penalties, turn-overs can make the difference between a win or a loss. In war, mistakes and missed opportunities are less forgiving.

Today’s war is for Talent, whether you’re an independent rural or urban hospital, part of a large integrated delivery system, for profit or not-for-profit,  the current workforce shortage for physicians, nurses and allied health professionals is real and getting worse.

Fidelis Partners  recognizes this highly competitive landscape and has designed sophisticated talent management tools and technologies that create “winning” campaigns and level the playing field for clients.   The Demand Indicator Map illustrates the current demand for physicians by specialty and state based upon the total number of openings advertised online by hospitals, medical groups and healthcare organizations. The interactive map linked below shows the top 7 specialties in need by state and region based on a leading physician job bank.


We have demand data on over 50 specialties.

Send us a request and we will create a custom map just for you and your needs.

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