Guide to Writing Thank You Notes After an Interview

While preparing for your interview is of extreme importance, the action you take after meeting the prospective employer can be just as crucial. A thank you note is a great way to show appreciation and a hunger for the job. Let’s take a look at the best ways to communicate post-interview and seal the start to your career in healthcare.

Take Great Notes

The first thing you should do after an interview is recap the entire experience. Write down as much as you can remember and focus on the questions they asked. This is an important step to ensure your thank you note is as personalized as can be. Interviewers will be able to see past generic, mass notes. Taking time to reference specific moments of the interview shows attention to detail and may mean the difference between you and another candidate.

Get With the Digital Times

Previously, sending a handwritten thank you note was the appropriate way to follow up a job interview. However, the digital landscape means email follow ups are a generally accepted practice.

Those working in the healthcare field are often crunched for time, and while a handwritten note can offer a genuine touch, an email may be the way to ensure your note is read.

Sending an immediate email follow-up along with a mailed card or letter can be a great way to combine the courtesy of the past with the quick methods of today.

Thank Everyone

During your interview, you may have met with multiple people at the healthcare facility. Make sure you send personalized thank you notes to everyone you interacted with during the course of the interview. Remember to make each message unique. While you may have an idea of who will make the final decision, you can never truly know who has influence on the deciding factor.

Quick Thank You Note Tips

  • Keep the message short
  • Proofread your note, or have someone else proofread it for you
  • Cover any positive information you missed during the interview
  • Don’t forget to sign it
  • Consider something creative to showcase a unique skill

Thank you notes are still relevant into today’s competitive healthcare field. Showing gratitude and courtesy during the interview process can give your potential employer insight to your personality and worth. While you can be confident in your own skills, the interview process doesn’t give a lot of room into your competition. A thank you note could be the difference between getting hired and leaving empty-handed.

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