How Does Holiday Travel Affect Recruiting?

During the month of December, while many have egg nog and presents on the mind, most businesses continue to stay in operation. And in the healthcare industry, this is no exception. Most industries see a lull in hiring activities during the holidays because it is often times difficult to coordinate interviews and phone calls with so many people on vacation or traveling. Whether it’s the hiring manager or the candidate, the holidays have a great effect on recruiting. How does holiday travel affect recruiting? We thought you’d never ask! We looked at data from multiple sources to understand how many people are affected by holiday travel.

Who is Traveling?

christmas infographic 1100 million people are expected to travel this holiday season. 71%  of adults 18-64 said they’ll travel for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and/or New Year’s. That’s six percent more than last year.

Where are they Going?

christmas infographic 2New York continues to be the top destination for North American travel during the holidays, followed by Miami, London, Los Angeles and Chicago.

How are they Getting There?

christmas infographic 391% of long distance travel is by vehicle, 6% is by air, and 3% is by train, bus or cruise ship.

How Long Will they be Gone?

christmas infographic 4The travel search trends show more people are traveling for longer periods of time this year. Online booking sites are reporting that 38% of people are searching for trips of 8 days or more.


Based on this data, it is clear that the majority of the population is on the move this month. For jobseekers, this might be the best time to reach out to hiring managers, because they are most likely not receiving as many applicants. For hiring managers, if you can take advantage of your candidate’s pre-planned travel arrangements, you might be able to squeeze in an onsite interview on his or her’s way back from holiday travel. Check out more of our tips in our other blog posts:

Happy holidays to you and yours from Fidelis Partners!

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