How To Find Physician Opportunities For Young Doctors

What does it take these days to help a young doctor find physician opportunities that lead to a wonderful career in medicine? Finding physician opportunities for young doctors is not all that different than searching for jobs at other stages in your career. Here are some common job search trends we have found for young doctors and general shifts in the market for physician opportunities.

The generation of millennial doctors is deciding that going into private practice is not necessarily the best way to make a living. They understand that the paperwork is tremendously tedious and the number of patients they have to see in one day to earn a decent living does not leave much room for actually practicing medicine. So, today’s doctors are joining hospitals and reaping the benefits of having meaningful support staff. Analyzing our recruitment firm placements, we find that hospital department and multi-specialty groups remain the top two hired practice types. We attribute this growth to an increased focus by many hospitals and jobseekers on consolidation, alignment and integration. Hospitals see the future of healthcare in the continued partnership and acquisition of medical groups. Also, more physicians are looking to align themselves with groups and larger entities to escape the uncertainties of managing their own practice under the changes of national health law. They are also enjoying being the go-to orchestrator of patient care, coordinating specialists, handling out-patient care, and still having time for a meaningful personal life.

Doctors are finding there are physician opportunities throughout the country, and many are choosing to relocate to places where they can enjoy life, raise a family, and still get to practice state-of-the-art medicine. 93% of providers placed last quarter through Fidelis Partners will relocate for new positions, compared to 62% in 2016. Although it’s early in the year, it is quite a large jump from previous years’ trends. Physicians early in their careers tend to relocate more often than those with more tenured experience.

For employers, here is some advice for appealing to younger generations of physicians when advertising your jobs. According to, you need to keep audience in mind when posting jobs. “Make sure your job description speaks to the key concerns of Millennials and other young doctors – namely a healthy work-life balance, a transparent workplace culture and any ownership opportunities you can offer.” Having a proper balance of work and family time is important to this younger generation.

Overall, there are multiple physician opportunities to choose from. As a younger physician, make sure you are working with a recruitment firm that can consult you during the interview process on compensation trends, interview tips and other market data. Check out Fidelis Partners’ Candidate Resources for great tips on beginning your job search.

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