How to Showcase Your Culture When Recruiting Physicians

Discussions around the future of the healthcare industry usually focus on the changes brought about by new technology, growing consumerism, and transforming policies. These many challenges add to the difficulty of hiring and retaining new physicians and advanced practice clinicians. It is no longer enough to find a clinician who has the training and technical skills to do the job, but we now need people who can manage changes in healthcare delivery. This shift pushes organizational culture to the forefront of recruitment.

For many years we have seen research that links positive work culture to increased organizational productivity. On the heels of this research, it became a focus for talent acquisition professionals in all industries to better find the person who will be a good cultural “fit.” It takes more than just creating a culture and hiring people who are all the same to keep it intact. You need to hire employees who will be champions of your culture and contribute to its long-term growth and success. Those who add to the culture.

In order to find a clinician who will add to your culture, it is important to first define it. Start with aligning your organization’s purpose and beliefs. Take a step back and look at your recruitment process. Where do your core values fit in? How do you convey your vision and mission to potential candidates? With physician burnout, a growing concern, emphasizing the benefits of your culture to an incoming provider will help sell the opportunity. Also, a good culture can make up for other areas where the practice struggles. If you have a lower than market salary, for example, you can still attract clinicians by providing a better work environment.

Here are some tips for showcasing and incorporating your culture into your clinician recruitment process:

When Marketing the Job

  • Under qualifications for the opportunity, consider listing the soft skills or competencies the clinician will need to succeed. These soft skills will show that beyond educational requirements, your opportunity is looking for a well-rounded individual and the position offers professional development.
  • Appeal to millennial clinicians by emphasizing the team aspect of your practice. A 2016 report, Millennial Mindset: The Collaborative Clinician, showed that millennial physicians are more likely to collaborate across the organizational hierarchy than their predecessors. A positive work culture that promotes team-based care will appeal to this population.
  • Never underestimate the power of your peers. Use testimonials, social media, videos, and reviews to show the quality of your care and the happiness of your employees. Candidates will likely research you online, and these tools can help you put the best face forward.

During the Interview

  • A carefully planned itinerary will be key to executing a successful onsite interview. Make sure your interview includes not only meeting the leadership, but also the other members of the care team. And most importantly, make sure your onsite interview is welcoming and everyone is engaged when speaking with the potential candidate.
  • Have a list of attributes of your current employees you would like to emulate. This can be anything from kindness to clear communication. Keep a separate checklist during the interview and measure your potential candidate on these attributes. Pay attention to their interactions with others and how that will reflect on their work style.
  • Point out where you see your values in action. For example, as you tour the facility, explain your technology use in the context of how it supports your core value of improved patient care. Sharing the “why” behind your processes shows the sophistication of your organization.

Making culture a priority in your recruitment process is a good way of demonstrating what is important to you as a healthcare organization, while also understanding more about the candidate you’re interviewing. The end result will be a more engaged and tenured hire.

How can we help?

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