How to Utilize LinkedIn© to Benefit your Career as a Healthcare Professional

Utilizing LinkedIn© professional networking services can benefit your current and future career as a healthcare professional. Being active on LinkedIn© strengthens your professional career in more ways than one. Some people may think that LinkedIn’s© purpose is to find a new job, therefore if you already have a secure job you don’t need a profile. These misconceptions can weaken your career path and industry knowledge. LinkedIn© is much more than an online job searching tool. Read on to learn the benefits of having a LinkedIn© profile and how LinkedIn can benefit your career in healthcare.

LinkedIn© is the world’s largest professional networking site with over 300 million users. LinkedIn© helps you build your professional identity, stay in touch with colleagues, find new ventures and learn about your industry… and it’s free!There are other sites for physician social networking, but LinkedIn© comes in first. There are currently two million doctors and nurses who are active on LinkedIn©. This does not include the other healthcare professionals that also utilize the site. This allows you to explore the healthcare industry and connect with other physicians with the touch of a button.

Where do I start?

So you want to become a member on LinkedIn©. What are the main ways to get yourself in the LinkedIn© world? Here are some tips on how to start your LinkedIn© venture with the profile basics.

Have a professional picture. People who have professional photos are eleven times more likely to be viewed. This is a social network, so having a “face to a name” will give you an advantage among others.

Add a background photo. This is optional, but if you are looking to find employees or connections for your company, use your company’s letterhead or logo as your background. Note: background images are available to users with a more active profile, once you become active and gain connections the background option will become available… start connecting!

Fill in your profile. People may think this is essentially a resume, but it can be much more than that. When connecting to others in your industry it is essential to let others know what your background is and what your knowledge and skills are. This is a perfect opportunity to sell your company’s brand and inform others on what your company is involved in.

Endorse people. This is an easy way to become endorsed yourself and stay active. Endorsing users means that you are declaring the approval of a certain skill. Endorse colleagues and classmates on skills you know they thrive in, it can help their profile along with your own.

Craft an opening. Get creative and tailor your opening to your role. You can adjust your job title to enhance your profile and attract other users. Write like you want to hire and network, not like you want to be hired.

Showcase your work. Upload photos, links, videos, or blogs that can enhance your work. When writing pieces of your profile, speak in first person. This will give off a more conversation vibe which is better for LinkedIn© and social media networks. Have fun when building your LinkedIn© profile and connect with old colleagues and classmates. Learn more about industries and topics that interest you and help others learn more from you.


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