With more than 100+ years of combined executive experience in healthcare staffing, Fidelis Partners holds a unique position in the industry.  Having worked with all levels of a healthcare organization in the various functions of their roles we are able to understand each and every challenge that arises for healthcare providers and executives on a daily basis.  We have a tremendous amount of experience working with clients of all sizes, ranging from the small 20-bed hospital to the 1,000-bed teaching facility and every size group and hospital in between. We understand staffing; we understand healthcare. 

The following collection of white papers, surveys and other resources are a culmination of our research and industry insight we can provide to healthcare recruiting professionals like you.

White Papers

Understanding Motivations for Choosing Rural Practice

If you know the “why,” you can develop the “how.” This white paper describes an academic study of physicians in smaller communities and why they chose rural practice. By understanding the decision-making process that leads to accepting a rural position, recruiters can better target these motivations and identify viable candidates in any community.

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How to Lower Cost-per-Hire Using Video

When measuring recruiting costs, the largest and most costly is the candidate interview. Video call and chatting technology provides a cost-effective solution for minimizing interview costs and reducing time-to-hire. This guide will help explain the basics of applying video to your recruiting process.


Healthcare Search Reports

Physician Job Search Preferences Survey Report

In 2016, we surveyed physicians to find the how, when and where of their job search habits. Read this survey report to learn about our key findings and how you can reach physicians about job opportunities.


Latest Placement and Search Analysis

This report contains the latest data about physician and advanced practice provider recruiting statistics, including placement data, most in demand specialties, and latest time-to-fill information.