5 Reasons to Continue Your Job Search During the Holidays

Your job opportunities aren’t taking the holidays off, you shouldn’t either.  With the excitement surrounding the holidays, many people put their job searches on hold.  However, you might want to take a few extra hours to explore your options.  Here are 5 reasons to continue your job search during the holidays:


1. Open Positions: Don’t press pause on your job search because you heard an industry expert or read a statistic that states the holidays are the worst time to find a job. When a company has a need, they will create a position and fill it as soon as they can. A company may even make the decision faster at this time because it is the holidays. What better way to start off the New Year than with new talent!

2. Less Competition: In January, the job market will be flooded with applicants that put off their job search. Take advantage of the less ambitious job seekers that put their search on hold. While everyone else is attending parties and taking vacations, you can attend interviews, profile employers, build strategic connections and meet key decision makers.

3. Online Job Boards: Utilize an effective way to connect with hiring managers. Use your resources to find a HR’s contact information. Remember, the active candidate pool will grow once the new year rolls around.

4. Network: Always network and use your connections for an introduction via LinkedIn, and schedule a time to speak or meet for coffee. Ask hiring managers what their growth and recruitment goals are for 2015.

5. Back to Work: January 2nd is just another day at the office. It’s back to the daily grind for HR Managers and you can bet they will be inundated with endless email from candidates and resumes that aren’t likely to be read.

So hold off the eggnog and spend a few extra hour on your job search to start the new year off right.


by Chris Sanchez

Director of Marketing, Medestar

Email: chris.sanchez@medestar.com

Phone: (214) 932-1409

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