How to Keep Recruiting During the Busy Holiday Season

With the end of the year and the holidays fast approaching, recruitment efforts start to slow down. But did you know that December is actually the second busiest month for hiring!? Most candidates interviewing during this time want to secure a position by the end of the year. How nice would it be for the candidate and your organization to have the contract signed and the physician placed before the New Year? Let’s look at what we as recruiters can do to help keep the gas pedal on during this challenging time.


Know EVERYONE’S schedule.

Due to candidates’ personal time-off restrictions, interviewing during the holiday season might be the best time to visit. Having the schedule of your key decision makers and staff involved in the interview as early as October will help during the scheduling process.



If the schedules of your clients don’t permit a site visit, do what you can to make it work! Of course a few key decision makers must be available but you can trust the opinion and feedback from others who are available to meet in December. Remember, if you don’t set the interview, you can bet that another organization will make it happen!


Start with the END in mind!

If things go well and you are planning a site visit, share the boiler-plate contract with the candidate BEFORE the visit. This way, candidates will have time to review and ask pertinent questions while meeting face-to-face. Think about how long it takes to negotiate a contract or to have some simple language changed. The war for talent has become extremely competitive and the organizations that have a contract or Letter of Intent available on or within a week’s time after the interview are the ones who are securing more candidates.


Start referencing EARLY.

Once the decision has been made to start scheduling an interview, start referencing as soon as possible. This way, if references are good, an offer can be extended quickly. If the references are poor, you can make the decision to either pass on the candidate all together or ask for additional information.



Do you know your candidate’s timeline for making a decision? Are they interviewing other places or do they have another offer they are considering? As pointed out previously, the organizations that are prepared to send out an executable offer in a short amount of time have the advantage.



Whether you are extending a Letter of Offer or contract, you should ALWAYS add a deadline. If you started with the end in mind, the interview for both you and the candidate should have been an affirmation mission. The references have been completed, you have feedback from the key decision makers, and the candidate and spouse are ready to move forward. A deadline heightens the sense of urgency and brings the reality into focus. Deadlines also bring out other potential competition and keep candidates from “shopping” your offer.


Don’t let the eggnog and mistletoe slow down your recruitment efforts. Use these guidelines to make THIS year the best and to secure your hospital’s future today.


by: Strider Murphy, Senior Search Consultant at Fidelis Partners

phone: 949-325-7633


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