National Doctors’ Day

A sincere thank you to all the physicians who are on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis.

Happy National Doctors’ Day to all the dedicated physicians who work so tirelessly to provide healthcare to our communities. Everything we do at Fidelis Partners is centered around finding people who care –facilities who care about the communities they serve, and physicians who truly care about their patients.

In honor of this special day, we highlight a favorite story to capture exactly what centered on finding people who care is all about.In 2016, one of our recruiters, Rebecca Fisher, spoke with a hardworking physician in search of a new position. This Internal Medicine Physician was happily practicing in Oklahoma at the time, but her husband had recently lost his job as an engineering professor, with no opportunities for him in the surrounding area. Dedicated to finding a new start, the physician partnered with Rebecca to find a long-term, Primary Care position in a rural area.

One of Rebecca’s clients was a healthcare organization in Socorro, New Mexico – about an hour outside of Albuquerque. They were seeking just the right physician who would want to settle down and establish roots in the community. Being so close to New Mexico Tech, the town’s population was quickly rising. However, Socorro was also losing physicians to larger metros like Albuquerque. This growing community needed a strong, committed Primary Care Physician to support its expanding patient base.

The physician interviewed in many large cities as well as in Socorro, New Mexico. Even though she received other offers, she felt that Socorro was special. This position spoke to her for the opportunity to grow with the expanding city and make a true difference for a population in need of care. There was an added benefit of establishing roots where her husband could also make an impact, finding his dream job at New Mexico Tech. They are both still working in Socorro to this day.

Just like this Primary Care Physician, there are so many physicians who put the needs of their patients before their own day after day. From all of us at Fidelis Partners, thank you for all that you do, physicians. We hope you feel honored for the incredible sacrifices you make to keep our communities healthy.


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