PACER| The Ultimate Tool for Virtual Tours

Searching for a new employment opportunity is growing increasingly difficult in light of the COVID-19 epidemic. In order to make a well-rounded decision, the healthcare facility, the community it’s located in, the schooling options, and nearby attractions all need to be considered.

But what do you do if you are interested in a new position, and current safety precautions prevent you from visiting? Thankfully, Fidelis Partners has developed the interactive PACER tool to help providers virtually explore the facility and its surroundings.

Clients of Fidelis Partners each receive a carefully crafted Practice and Community Evaluation Report (PACER) to send to potential candidates for their open jobs. Providers can scroll through a report customized for their opportunity and community, complete with videos, links, practice details, and statistical information. In the presentation, candidates will be able to read more about the facility, the city and state in which it’s located, nearby education, the local real estate market, neighboring attractions, and much more.

As a potential candidate for a new job opportunity, this provides the benefit of virtually previewing a facility and its community before accepting the position. This saves time and money, as well as abides by the health and safety precautions during the spread of COVID-19.

PACER also greatly benefits the clients we partner with. How? If a candidate chooses to browse through the PACER presentation, we can use the data gathered from their time interacting with the presentation to discover exactly why they are interested. This information allows our recruiters to more accurately understand the provider’s motivations and offer the client solid candidates.

If you are a client in need of finding candidates for your open positions, allow us to partner with you. Our interactive online tour will provide a virtual, 360° view of your practice and community.

If you’re a provider seeking new employment, we’d be happy to connect you with one of our many clients across the country, each with their own personalized PACER showcasing their opportunity.

Click here to learn more about our interactive PACER presentations.


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