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  • Learn all you can about the hospital/opportunity you are meeting with so that your questions are sophisticated and knowledgeable during the interview. Being well-informed shows your interest in the organization and it also helps you formulate intelligent questions.
  • Practice and Prepare. Practice answering interview questions with your friends, and take some time to sincerely think about what your strengths and weaknesses are. Be prepared to highlight the positives about your practice history, including any awards or recognitions, or any particular procedure where you excel. Also be ready to answer any questions regarding why you are considering a new position, employment gaps, or why the position you are seeking is the best fit for you, both personally and professionally.

At Fidelis Partners, we will send you an “interview packet” before your interview. This packet will include: Travel information – flights, hotel, and car rental, Hospital and Practice information, On-site Itinerary, Expense reimbursement form, Emergency contact and phone numbers. We will also prepare you for the interview by providing thorough details about the hospital, the practice, and the community.


  • Be Professional. Whether you are interviewing in Manhattan, New York, or a small, rural town, a conservative suit is always appropriate and shows how serious you are about the position. Having a neat and well-groomed appearance is always suitable. Body language is also important – maintain eye contact, be a good listener, and always be positive! Keep in mind, throughout the interview, everyone you meet is thinking to themselves, “Is this the kind of doctor I would send my children to? My father to? Can I trust him with my care?” Being both professional and personable goes a long way.
  • Prepare papers for your interview, including copies of your CV, references, and reference letters. Carry your papers in a nice portfolio; include a pen and paper for note taking. Make sure to collect business cards of every person you meet.
  • Bring your Significant Other. Whoever is part of the decision-making process in your household should accompany you on your trip. Nothing beats learning about a job and understanding a community than witnessing a firsthand account, and your significant other needs to be just as sold on the position as you are.
  • Salary should not be discussed during the first interview. The goal of your first interview is to be so impressive and so desirable that you leave the interviewers thinking, “We absolutely need that physician and will stop at nothing to hire him!” Most hospitals are able to work within a salary range; meaning, a good candidate will get the minimum offer. But a stellar, exemplary candidate may get the highest offer + signing bonus + relocation + student loan repayment + resident stipend … the options can truly be endless for an impressive candidate!
  • Get an Offer. Your goal should be to leave with a job offer in your hand, or the promise of obtaining one. If you sincerely like the position, make sure to let the interviewer know how interested you are, and that you look forward to hearing from them.
  • Know the next step. Make sure you understand the next steps in the hiring process and know when and from whom you should expect to hear from next. Also know what action, if any, you are expected to take next. Do they need your references? Your case load numbers? Is there anything else you need to provide for them at this time?
  • And most important: BE THANKFUL. Most employers go “all out” when a candidate visits – they schedule all-day meetings with community physicians, plan dinners with the physicians and their spouses, organize elaborate social functions, and can even go so far as to arrange time with school principals, or meet with a local pastor or clergymen at your house of worship. If you enjoyed your visit, please express your gratitude! Even if you decide the position is not for you, please remain respectful and thankful of everyone’s time.

At Fidelis Partners, our experienced recruiters are prepared to help with your follow up. We can check references, we can provide you details with the next step, and we can help you obtain the best job offer possible.


  • Make notes right away so you don’t forget critical details. Write down a list of the positives and negatives of the job, as well as the community.
  • Listen to your “gut feeling.” Salary and numbers and reasoning aside, How do you feel about the position? How do you feel about the community? Listening to your intuition is the difference between liking a job, and being absolutely in love with it.
  • If you are working with a recruiter, call that recruiter immediately while the facts of the interview are fresh on your mind. Tell the recruiter what you thought went well and what you may have concerns about. A good recruiter is well informed of the practice opportunity and can help guide you through the next steps in the interview process, as well as address any worries you may have.
  • Thank You note. After the interview, send a handwritten note to each person you met with; the business cards you collected during the interview should make this task easy. The note should be brief but also express again your interest in the position and your confidence in your qualifications. Indicate you look forward to hearing from them soon.
  • If you receive word that another candidate was chosen, it is wise to send a follow-up letter to that employer, again thanking them for the opportunity to interview for the position. Let them know that should another or similar position open in the future, you would love to have the opportunity to interview again. The medical community can be small, and if you make a positive impression, there’s no telling what others doors may be opened for you!

At Fidelis Partners, your recruiter is prepared to handle any questions you have after your interview. We have an invested interest in your success and happiness, and want to find you the best job possible!

Keep in mind that the interviewers are eager to put their best foot forward as well! They want to make a good impression on you as you do on them. Be as personable and as knowledgeable as you can, and focus on all those things that make you the best candidate for the job.

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