Recruiting Job-Seeking Physicians in the New Year

The first day of a new year incites change in the hearts and lives of many. One area of change that is most common is in one’s career. Whether it’s the nostalgia of being home for the holidays driving the decision or aiming to move up the corporate ladder, New Years is the perfect time for a fresh start.

On average, an individual will make a job switch around fifteen times during their career. And according to a human resources study, January is the most popular month for job changes. Why? Because people make a resolution to earn a salary they deserve, move to their dream location, and love their work.

You have the unique opportunity to assist this niche market.

As physicians are desperately looking to escape their current job and find a new career home, you get to come alongside them and find the perfect fit. January is the perfect opportunity to delve deeper into the “why” behind physicians’ job hunting and help them match with the ideal placement.

A poll of 2,500 physicians was taken across various demographics and specialties. The poll asked the physicians why they made their job transitions. These physicians reported that they left their current position due to four areas of need that you can tap into when you sell them on your opportunity.

Needing a Higher Salary

In dozens of human resource studies, the reason that people most commonly leave their jobs is because of wanting higher pay. In one poll by HR Today, 89% said their deciding reason to quit is due to needing a higher salary. Offering a job that exceeds the MGMA salary average for that region is a strong start in recruiting the searching candidates.

Feeling Underutilized or Underappreciated

The Modern Medicine Network discussed this reason for switching jobs. They spoke with a group of several physicians with varied specialties. One anesthesiologist writes that physicians often feel treated as expendable commodities. The poll group agreed that physicians are relatively easy to retain. Physicians want to feel that they are vital assets to the practice. Physicians are more likely to sign with you if they feel that they will be valued at the new practice.

Moving to a Better Location

If a physician says that they are wanting a better work location, they could be saying one of three things.

  1. That they want to move closer to relatives
  2.  They want a more desirable climate
  3. Their current community is disagreeable for them and their family

No matter the reason, promoting your job for its location value is an excellent strategy to secure the candidate. If you have a job that is located in a gorgeous climate, such as California or Florida,feature that in your marketing. Promote work/life balance, family-friendly communities, and major metro proximity in order to draw job-seeking physicians.

Physicians will begin their searching in just a few short weeks. January brings the unique opportunity to fulfill New Year’s resolutions to your physicians. Now is the time to prepare your marketing, promote your jobs, and ready your team for the New Year. 


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