Recruiting Tips for the Mobile Age

Let’s face it: Gone are the days when the majority of people were accessing the internet on their desktop computer at home or work. Instead, we’ve reached the dawn of the mobile age: More than 75 percent of all North Americans got on the web using a mobile device in 2015, and more than 64 percent of all American adults now own their own smartphone and use it for browsing.

So, if you’re a in-house physician recruiter, it’s time to rethink your recruitment strategies and ensure they are mobile-friendly. After all, you want to be able to access the best talent where they are: on the mobile web. Here are some recruiting tips for the mobile age, which can help ensure you have the most effective strategy and reach possible.

Ensure Your Site Is Responsive

If you have a company or job listing website, you must ensure that it is designed responsively. A responsive site appears and functions well no matter what device it is viewed on — so it ensures that no candidate will abandon the page because it was too hard to use or look at.

Allow for Mobile Applications

Allow candidates to apply for jobs using mobile applications. They should not have to upload resume attachments or retype information into fields; instead, allow them to apply with the click of a button using their LinkedIn resume.

Consider Mobile Interviewing

If you’re doing interviews for a job hunt via the internet, consider allowing candidates to interview via mobile video apps, like FaceTime or Skype. This will allow them to interview wherever they are comfortable and up the convenience factor for applicants you’re looking to attract.

Create Mobile Applicant Tracking

Job candidates appreciate seeing where they are in the job application process. Instead of having to log onto a website via desktop computer, ensure that candidates can access their status via a mobile device. Mobile applicant tracking keeps good candidates engaged so they don’t accept other offers or abandon the process because it is inefficient.

In order to attract the best candidates for jobs, particularly Millennials, it’s important to allow for an easy mobile recruitment process. In order to ensure your site ensures the best mobile experience possible, test it out yourself. If your application, tracking and interview processes don’t flow smoothly, it’s time to update your technology for the mobile digital age.


Whether it’s connecting with candidates via social media or the latest application to improve communication, healthcare organizations can count on Fidelis Partners’ consultants utilizing the latest and greatest tools to facilitate successful placements. Fidelis Partners stays ahead of the technology curve by implementing the best mobile job search practices. Contact us to learn more about our recruiting services today. 


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