Scary Interview Methods

Scary Interview Methods that Result in Bad Hires

In honor of today’s Halloween celebrations we are gathering up a list of scary interview methods that result in bad hires. We’ve all been there – either been asked a question that makes us cringe or seen our colleague jeopardize our chances by turning the conversation to a strange topic. If you are trying to hire for your staff, stay away from these interview methods that result in bad hires:

1. Judging a Book by Its Cover: Most people like to think they have good judgement, but it’s a horrible mistake to think your “gut feeling” about everyone is right. It is nearly impossible to make an accurate appraisal of someone in just a few minutes. A better method is focusing on a script of interview questions that are related to the job skills and expectations. By asking them about past performance, strengths and weaknesses you will learn about their personality and work abilities more than what can be ascertained from a first impression.

2. Overloading the Candidate: Does this sound like your interview process? Everyone meets the person, the same questions asked over and over again with no coordination of efforts. Lots of information is collected, but there is no data to base hiring decisions on. If so, make sure each person who is going to meet the candidate has a separate set of questions to ask, and/or decide to group key decision makers together on related topics. This will also save the candidate from being exhausted or annoyed by your lack of organization.

3. Overselling Yourself: Spending too much time selling your company and opportunity upfront leaves little time to learn about the candidate. While you want to excite them about their new job, colleagues and work environment, you don’t want to go through with hiring someone that was not really vetted on the interview. You should also allow them to ask you questions about what it’s like to work here, so you can get a feel of what is actually important to their decision making process.

4. Trying to be Clever: We’ve all the seen the articles, The One Question to Ask on an Interview, Google’s 5 Creative Interview Questions, etc. The truth is most of these hypothetical questions result in hypothetical or fake answers. Does asking someone which animal they are most like really answer how well they will do in your clinical job? No, no it doesn’t. Unless you’re a trained psychologist using these methods as a way to predict behavior will probably result in bad hires.

What are some of your interview horror stories? Fidelis Partners can consult your hiring managers and internal staff on how to interview healthcare candidates and secure good hires. Contact us today!


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