The Benefits Of Physician Jobs In Urgent Care Facilities

If you are a physician, jobs may be coming at you from a myriad of sources. Lately, there has been a growth of patients turning to urgent care facilities, and those physician jobs have grown as well.  As more cities and towns expand beyond the larger metropolis where hospitals are located, people are seeing regional hospitals and newer healthcare options popping up everywhere.

The sheer size of America’s top cities has sprawled out so much that it is sometimes hard to tell where one ends and another begins. New housing communities are creating their own town centers that include strip malls with urgent care centers, affiliations with local hospitals and satellite facilities that are part of a larger hospital system. All of these places offer physician jobs, so that patients who need emergency care do not have to drive an hour or more to a major hospital. In these smaller facilities, patients can see doctors for pretty much anything, and so the requirements for physician jobs in these remote locations are as rigorous as in the main hospital.

“Physicians training in primary care specialties such as Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics are pursuing additional education in Urgent Care Medicine, and seasoned physicians are becoming Board Certified in Urgent Care Medicine,” according to the American Academy of Urgent Care Medicine. For those who are thinking about physician jobs in urgent care facilities, there are many benefits.  First and foremost, the hours are more predictable. This can be a great benefit to doctors who have families and want some structure in their schedule. Second, the types of cases are as varied as they would be in an emergency room, however the red tape, crowded environment and stress are greatly diminished. Plus, it is still possible to have support staff handling smaller cases and the administrative details.

In many ways the urgent care facilities popping up around America are not only replacing trips to the ER, but also replacing the notion of the hometown doctor. Unlike the days of old where doctors were in their own private practice, usually in a section of their own home, and were relied upon to make house calls, today’s “local” doctor has many more responsibilities that come with the advances in medicine and insurance. The future of medicine may be uncertain at times. However, with nearly 50-100 new urgent care facilities opening a year in America, it is clear that this is a growing practice model that patients are adopting more and more.

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2 thoughts on “The Benefits Of Physician Jobs In Urgent Care Facilities

  1. Todd Stauffer on Reply

    It makes a lot of sense to me that an urgent care on the fringes of a city could be just as rigorous as a hospital setting. When there is only one place you can go for care then it definitely would have its work cut out for it. We just moved into an area that is outside of town so we’ll have to be sure not to overwhelm our local doctors.

  2. Oliver Ray on Reply

    It is good to know that working at urgent care would allow a doctor to have more of a set schedule. My wife does want to be a doctor, but we have discussed how it might take time away from the family. I’ll have to bring up the idea of working at urgent care and see if she likes that idea.

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