The Importance of Using a Recruitment Firm

On any given day, and at any given moment during the search process, an in-house physician recruiter wears many hats. By any stretch of the imagination, in-house recruiters could also be considered experts in the fields to demonstrate results with proficient expedience during their search for the perfect candidate. And while this all sounds daunting, it is!

Fidelis Partners understands the obstacles that in-house recruiters face – and we want to help you! Let us alleviate some of your on-the-job pressures by creating and implementing a successful sourcing campaign, which will inevitably increase your facility’s profits, help you meet your annual recruitment goals, and enhance your overall job performance by freeing up some of your time to dedicate to other job responsibilities.

Some things to keep in mind when considering whether or not to use an outside recruitment firm:

1. What is your recruitment timeline?
Time is money, or so the saying goes. Dependant upon the specialty or under the circumstance for which you are recruiting, some campaigns may require more urgency than others. One of the factors in securing market share is whether or not patients are able to make an appointment with the healthcare provider – and if they are, how long the wait is. The longer there is a shortage in any one particular specialty within a facility’s primary service area, market share is compromised and profits are lost.

An outside recruitment firm can cut your search time into half through concentrated and experienced efforts that continue to prove successful.

2. Do you have the proper resources to get the job done right?
If you disregard qualitative factors, such as your relationships with key sourcing vendors – for placing journal advertisements; designing, printing and distributing mail pieces; coordinating win-win community tours for visiting candidates and their families – and only considered the tangible sourcing tools that you have available to you… can you get the job done right? Now factor everything in together and ask yourself the same question. Does your database reflect a pool of active, qualified candidates that you can source from? Do you have the staff to create and implement a proactive, innovative sourcing campaign for your search? Do you have vendor relationships to reduce overall costs of direct marketing? Do you have medical program relationships to tap into their viable demographic?

If you answered “no” to any of the above questions, you should consider outsourcing your search to a recruitment firm.

3. Does your current workload leave you unable to accomplish your goals properly and on time?
How many late nights or weekends have you worked just to scrape the top of your “to do” pile, just to see it overflow again on Monday morning? As an in-house recruiter, you undoubtedly wear many hats and are held responsible for many tasks – all of which were due yesterday, right? In many cases, in-house recruitment departments are a “department of one” situation, leaving the recruiter charged with an overwhelming responsibility to best utilize limited resources for maximum results. You are not alone in this process!

Allow Fidelis Partners to partner with you and help alleviate your most burdensome or challenging searches from your plate.

4. Are you capable of negotiating?

Negotiating can be one of the most difficult parts of the recruitment process and can often become tense. This is hardly the way you want to begin a fruitful relationship with your newest medical staff member. When discussions get heated, it is often recommended (and preferred) to bring in a third-party to act as a liaison so that negotiations have a buffer.

Recruitment firms are able to comfortably act as third-party negotiator on behalf of the hiring facility and physician candidate with ease due to the “partnership” the recruiter has developed from the onset of the search campaign.

Do you have a dedicated medical staff office that handles the new physician credentialing process?

As an in-house recruiter, you are often responsible for overseeing that the proper “on-boarding” of new physicians is taking place – this includes credentialing. This can be a very overwhelming task due its complexities and relative importance, unless you have a dedicated medical staff office that can facilitate this process for you. Fidelis Partners offers credentialing and background checking as a service line.

The bottom line is this… every day that your position is not filled with a qualified candidate your facility is losing money. Fidelis Partners is equipped to handle the most challenging of physician searches ranging from adult and pediatric primary care, specialists and pediatric sub-specialists, to director level positions for major medical institutions.

We have the experience and know-how to get the job done – and will hopefully bring you a little peace of mind in the process!

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