Top 10 Healthcare Recruiting Trends you will see in 2019

2019 has been an exciting year already for the healthcare staffing industry, but it’s about to get even better. Fidelis Partners is celebrating 10 years! In honor of our 10-year anniversary, we are outlining the top 10 recruiting trends for 2019 and how we’re utilizing these trends to set ourselves apart from the competition. Let’s dive in:

1.            Marketing

In the healthcare industry, it’s important to find new ways to reach and engage candidates who are using different platforms to job search. In order to find, attract, and engage job seekers, we use specific strategic implementations of recruitment marketing. Utilizing drip campaigns that include our job search advice, custom mail pieces that showcase our job locations, targeted digital advertising, and utilizing the latest sourcing tools. These efforts give us ways to track our effectiveness while generating pipeline.

2.            Candidate Experience

Understanding your candidate’s perception of your company’s recruiting process is huge. We send our seasoned recruiters out to visit each client so they can get a better understanding of the location, facility, the need, as well as the surrounding community where the healthcare provider would be residing. This investment in our clients gives us a better perspective to create a complete candidate experience, which includes our PACER technology. The PACER is a custom, interactive website about your opportunity complete with videos, links and practice details. It provides a 360° view of your practice and community and captures actionable feedback from candidates.

3.            Telehealth

Telehealth is the use of technology, such as computers or mobile devices to remotely access your health care services. Telehealth aims to make healthcare more accessible to all people and expands a healthcare organizations ability to hire different types of providers. One of our core values is being customer centric, and we strive to make our clients profitable by ensuring their patients are cared for by quality providers. We custom fit our approach to present candidates that mesh with your organization and your technology.

4.            Social Media

This refers to the use of social networks for finding, attracting and hiring talent – we use the term ‘candidate sourcing’. Our jobs are posted on many healthcare, job aggregator and social networking websites, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Indeed, and ZipRecruiter to name a few. We also host program campaigns for candidates that are finishing residency or fellowships to make sure our fully-managed and professionally designed job advertisements reach both active and the passive candidates that tend to scroll through professional social networks rather than job boards.

5.            Brand Ambassadors

Many healthcare organizations are focused on strengthening their brands, and see that providers are evolving into brand ambassadors to their patients. Providers influence where patients seek preventative care and have a direct say in where their patients will receive essential treatment. Fidelis Partners conducts a thorough candidate screening that verifies certification and licensure, government contract and program eligibility, disciplinary actions, and online search engine checks for criminal activities, patient reviews, and other general information. We ensure that you are getting the best candidate to enhance your organization’s brand.

6.            Diversity

As the US population grows more diverse, so does the need for gender and cultural understanding within healthcare organizations. Our Chief Information Officer, Sepi McDonnell, presented a webinar on breaking stereotypes and how a diverse team is ideal for your organization. At Fidelis, we provide a custom, analytical approach to produce quality candidates for our clients and are able to build your team of providers exactly how you envision it.

7.            Data Intelligence

Having relevant data to connect you to the correct candidates is extremely important. Data allows us to have a personal connection with our candidates and assists in customizing a recruiting strategy to fit every client’s needs. Fidelis Partners provides a quarterly analysis with specific data on our placements and specialty trends, and we also utilize an internal database for our consultants. All our resources are web-based, enabling us to work from anywhere at any time.

8.            Candidate-Driven Markets

The AAMC (Association of Medical Colleges) shows a projected shortage of between 42,600 and 121,300 physicians by the end of the next decade. This means possible candidates are driving the job market and your organization may need help directing the right providers to your hospital. Fidelis has an excellent candidate experience to separate us from the competition and a focus on new technology, knowledge, and innovation that will stand out on job boards.

9.            Artificial Intelligence

Job boards use artificial intelligence to categorize and organize jobs specifically tailored to the job seekers needs. This helps provide higher-quality prospects and provides a human touch to an online process. We provide a fully managed process to ensure we are utilizing the best resources available, as well as take over the administrative task of filtering through job responses and the stress of maintaining job board accounts.

10.         Branding

Branding is essential to effectively compete in a fierce market of competition. Fidelis Partners works as an extension of the client’s organization to ensure that your branding is reflected within the PACER, postings, and marketing campaigns.

At Fidelis Partners, we are passionate about using the most effective technology and resources to fill your permanent staffing needs. Our mission – Centered on Finding People who Care – drives everything we do. As we head into the rest of 2019, it’s important to have a partner that is up to date with the current healthcare recruiting trends. If you find your organization is struggling to keep up with some of these top trends, please contact us to discuss how we can alleviate your healthcare recruiting challenges. You may email


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